Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong. Photo: iStock
Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong. Photo: iStock

Hong Kong police are hunting for a 38-year-old Scottish man who jumped bail after being arrested on suspicion of stealing from women he met in the city’s nightlife center Lan Kwai Fong.

The suspect is said to be a former salesman for an information-technology company in Cyberport on Hong Kong Island, and is accused of scamming at least 12 people he met in bars and pubs in Central’s Lan Kwai Fong or in Wan Chai, also on Hong Kong Island, Apple Daily reported.

It was understood that the man would present himself as a successful man. Women who had contact with him have described him as attractive and charming.

One of his alleged victims said she met him in a bar in June. During their chat, he told her his life had been filled with tragedy, as his mother had heart disease, his sister suffered from cancer and son-in-law had leukemia.

The man then told her that his lease had expired and he would return to the UK a few days later. She took him back home to stay temporarily. However, a few days went by and the man did not leave.

The woman said she once witnessed the man stealing money from her wallet. Her roommates also had money stolen. She finally kicked him out of her place.

The man is alleged to have also targeted female tourists in Hong Kong.

It was understood that the man used the same trick to con at least 12 victims from Hong Kong, Britain, the United States, Australia and South Africa. They formed a victim support group on Facebook to disclose his crimes with photos.

Apple Daily said it tried to interview other victims but they refused, fearing that the interview would put them in danger from the suspect.

According to Hong Kong police, two foreign women reported in June that the same man had stolen money and belongings from their homes. One woman said she lost HK$6,000 (US$766) in cash and the other claimed that HK$1,500 in cash and a laptop worth HK$7,000 were taken.

It was understood that police had arrested the man on suspicion of theft and the case had been under investigation. The suspect was released on bail, but claimed he was ill and has not reported back to the police station since then.

The suspect is now on the police wanted-persons list.