Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Two foreigners who have allegedly overstayed in the Philippines are facing deportation.

American national Peter Robert Saunders, 83, was ordered by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) to leave the country in January 2017 after his estranged Filipina wife requested the cancellation of his visa, The Manila Times reported.

In another case, 49-year-old Vel Murugan Ayyadurai from India was arrested on November 12 in Manila. Ayyadurai reportedly managed and owned a cafe in the Ermita area without a permit. This came to the attention of the BI after it received tip-offs.

Ayyadurai was said not to have a work visa from the BI or a work permit from the Department of Labor.

Acting intelligence chief of the BI Fortunato Manahan Jr. said the two will be banned from re-entering the country for making a mockery of the country’s laws. He also warned foreigners to think twice before violating the country’s immigration laws.

Manahan Jr. urged citizens to report any illegal aliens that they know of.