Rights groups say the new app could be misused. Photo: iStock
Rights groups say the new app could be misused. Photo: iStock

Human rights groups have voiced their concerns over the launch of an internet application that will allow the public to report beliefs labeled as “misguided.”

The application named “Smart Pakem” contains a list of belief groups such as Gafatar and Ahmadiyyah – two sects that claim to be Islamist but are shunned by mainstream Sunni sects, Reuters reported. Indonesia’s highest Islamic council has publicly denounced the sects and has outlawed them in the name of blasphemy.

Amiruddin Al-Rahab of the National Commission on Human Rights in Indonesia said the new app could cause social disintegration and bring dangerous consequences with neighbors reporting on each other.

On November 26, the app was available for download on Google Play despite criticism from human rights advocates.

Al-Rahab added that the app was unclear about which groups were listed as “harmful” and “misguided,” which could be detrimental as people tend to take matters into their own hands when unsure.

He also claimed that the app could possibly contravene court rulings on the right to believe something outside the state-recognized faiths.

According to Benar News, Indonesia’s National Human Rights Commission has written to the prosecutor’s office asking for the app’s removal.