San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, in the Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino migrant worker who had returned from Dubai was robbed by a maid on the same day she hired her at her home in Nueva Ecija in the Philippines.

According to migrant worker Frances Lou Correa, she hired Irene Carbonnel, 38, to be a maid at her home in San Jose City, The Filipino Times reported.

Correa said that on the day of the robbery, she was visiting their rice retail store and left the maid alone in her house. When she arrived home, she saw her things were missing and Carbonnel had disappeared. The maid allegedly stole a laptop, a designer bag, two gold bracelets, PHP10,000 (US$190) in cash and a mobile phone.

Correa reported the incident to police, who have yet to arrest the maid. The maid, who is still at large, will be charged with theft.

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