Hong Kong Parkview in Tai Tam on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps
Hong Kong Parkview in Tai Tam on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

Two men were arrested and charged with unlawful detention after a woman suspected of being a sex worker was found sitting on a window ledge at a luxury apartment on Hong Kong Island on Tuesday.

At 6:45 am, the 29-year-old woman, who holds a two-way permit from Sichuan province, was found sitting on the window ledge of a flat on the 19th floor at Block 1 in Hong Kong Parkview, an upscale housing estate in Tai Tam, am730 reported.

The woman, suspected of being a sex worker, had been taken to the apartment by two men and they later had a dispute over money.

The woman accused the men of pulling her hair and not allowing her to leave the apartment. She went to the bathroom and broke the window with her bare hands and climbed onto the ledge.

Residents called police as they thought the woman wanted to jump from the building. Blood was found on the ledge as the woman’s hands were injured, news website HK01.com reported.

Police and firefighters arrived but the woman refused to return to the flat and threatened to jump. Police negotiators were called in. After three hours of negotiation, the woman agreed to go back into the apartment. She was sent to a hospital for treatment.

Police cordoned off the apartment and called in a police sniffer dog as the woman claimed she had been forced to take drugs.

Police arrested the two men, a 49-year-old and a 50-year-old, for alleged false imprisonment, assault and criminal intimidation.