Domestic workers in Hong Kong. Photo: Asia Times
Domestic workers in Hong Kong. Photo: Asia Times

A Philippines House of Representatives lawmaker has urged the Philippine government to push for “live-out” arrangements for Filipino domestic workers to prevent them being abused by employers.

Francisco Aguilar Jr., spokesperson of the ACTS OFW party-list at the House of Representatives, said that Filipino domestic workers abroad, particularly in the Middle East, are vulnerable to abuse when they live with their employers, GMA News reported.

“To counteract this vulnerability, we have to encourage live-out schemes for our domestic workers once they have completed their job shift,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar added that domestic workers would be better able to get adequate rest and sleep and have more privacy if they did not stay with their employers. As an example, he cited that Filipino housekeepers in Japan are allowed to leave their workplace after completing their eight-hour shift.

Aguilar said the call for the live-out scheme came after the death of Emerita Gannaban, a Filipino domestic worker, who died of poisoning in Saudi Arabia. According to Gannaban’s family, the domestic worker complained of being maltreated by her employer and was kept in a bathroom and was not fed.

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