Dogs have been eaten in some parts of Asia for centuries, but pressure is mounting to stop the trade. Photo: iStock

An Irish man is planning to go to China with four others to help dogs that were saved from being butchered for consumption. Caolan Maguidhir, 26, from Enniskillen in Ireland, said his group will be heading to Harbin for a two-week excursion where they will helping quarantine centers, vets and shelters with cleaning and feeding, according to the Impartial Reporter.

In addition, the five will head to Paris after the China trip. Each member will take four dogs with them, all of which will be taken to new homes in the UK. Maguidhir added that the goal of the trip was to raise awareness of the brutality that dogs go through in some countries.

In 2016, Maguidhir started his mission by setting up the Facebook page ‘Pets Lost and Found Fermanagh,’ which grew into a massive community over time. The upcoming trip will be funded by money acquired from their GoFundMe campaign.

Asian countries like China and Vietnam are large consumers of dog meat. While China has yet to make substantial statements in the matter, the government in Hanoi recently urged its citizens to stop the consumption in an attempt to maintain citywide hygiene as well as reforming its reputation.

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