Al Rashidiya, Dubai. Photo: Google Maps
Al Rashidiya, Dubai. Photo: Google Maps

A man was jailed for six months and will be deported after serving his sentence for attempting to kidnap a Filipino woman in Dubai.

The Filipina was waiting for her friend in Al Rashidiya when she was approached by an Arab man who introduced himself as a police officer. The man told her to follow him, The Filipino Times reported.

When the woman resisted, the man attempted to drag her to his car while repeatedly claiming he was a police officer. However, when he began to attract too much attention from bystanders, he let the woman go.

The Filipina ran away, only to find herself next to where the man’s car was parked, and again he tried to force her into the vehicle. When another bystander witnessed the commotion, the man sped away, but not before the Filipina managed to photograph his car’s registration number.

When the offender was later arrested, he denied attempting to kidnap the Filipina and impersonating a policeman. He was found guilty and will be deported after serving six months in jail. The report did not mention the offender’s nationality.

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