Many-banded krait Photo: Baidu
Many-banded krait Photo: Baidu

A Chinese man surnamed Fan was found dead in a hotel room in Fuzhou city in Southeast China’s Jiangxi province on November 22 after a woman reported to the police that he had raped her.

In the evening of November 21, Fan took the woman to a hotel in Phoenix City in Fuzhou, Qilu Evening News reported, citing a statement issued by the Fuzhou police. The two were said to have met for the first time there.

After they entered the hotel room, Fan took two snakes from a nylon bag and used them to threaten the woman for sex. The woman, who was terrified of the snakes, was then raped.

Fan then put the snakes in the hotel room bathtub. At around 10pm, he was bitten by one of the snakes, which was said to be a highly venomous many-banded krait. He did not go to hospital, and instead chose to go to bed.

At around midnight, the woman fled and contacted her parents, who called the police. The police arrived at the hotel room at 3am on November 22 and found Fan’s dead body on the bed. They found two snakes inside the room, one of them in the bathroom.

Police have categorized the case as rape and are continuing with their investigation, according to the statement.

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