Sanitary pads containing chlorine are being used as an alternative to drugs. Photo: iStock.

Toxins and chemicals from sanitary pads, as well as diapers, have become new sources of substance abuse for Indonesian youngsters in rural areas wanting to get high.

In recent days, teenagers in Bekasi, Kudus and Jakarta were arrested as they tried to get high with the toxins extracted from used sanitary pads, the Straits Times reported.

Suprinarto, Central Java’s National Narcotics Agency’s senior commander, said the chlorine in the mixture creates hallucinations and sensations of flying, mimicking the effects brought about by drugs. Suprinarto told that the youngsters took the used pads, boiled them, and drank the water after it cooled down.

He added that people in rural areas do not have money to buy drugs so they turn to other alternatives.

Safe drinking advocate Jimy Ginting said the use of the chemical substance on sanitary pads is nothing new. He told the press that he first noted teenagers doing this two years ago in the towns of Belitung and Karawang. He added that some youngsters used a mixture of mosquito repellent and cough syrup to get drunk.

There have been recent reports of people using unusual methods to get high. Just weeks ago two Indian men were reported to have used cobra venom in search of a feeling of intoxication.

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