Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo: iStock.
Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo: iStock.

An Indonesian woman has been arrested under suspicion of drugging and robbing two tourists in Thailand, one of whom died.

Acc0rding to The Thaiger, Linda Wellish, 54, reportedly fled Chiang Mai after two nights of robbery. Wellish allegedly first drugged 56-year-old Indian tourist Tharak Bart Hamas on the night of August 20 at a hotel in downtown Chiang Mai, which left Hamas dead after the robbery. Wellish is also suspected to have drugged Gene Ber Ulfgang, 69, from the United States in another hotel room in the Muang district on August 21.

It took two days for Ulfgang to recover to a point where he was able to give a statement to the police. He reportedly told the authorities that he had taken a woman back to his hotel room after meeting her at a bar.

Staff at Ulfgang’s hotel confirmed his story, stating that they had seen him check in with a pretty woman with short hair.

Wellish is said to have run to Chantaburi after committing the alleged crimes. There, she was arrested with a warrant issued on August 29

According to a report by The Nation, the woman had committed similar crimes in the past, with the earliest one dating back to March 2017, which allegedly took place in the city of Khon Kaen.

Police Major General Chart Pan-ngao told the press that Wellish had confessed to robbery but denied the drugging charges. She claims that Hamas went into shock after he took an aphrodisiac.