Remi Purwanto and Brendon Luke Johnson. Photo: Facebook.
Remi Purwanto and Brendon Luke Johnson. Photo: Facebook.

An Australian man and his Indonesian girlfriend who allegedly dealt cocaine in Bali and were arrested face the death penalty in Indonesia.

In August, 43-year-old Remi Purwanto and her Australian boyfriend Brendon Luke Johnson, 43, were arrested after police found them in possession of 13 packets of cocaine in Bali, the Daily Mail reported.

The pair were charged under the Indonesian penal codes which carries the death penalty for possession and dealing in drugs weighing more than five grams.

The trail of the two is to be held at the Denpasar District Court. Prosecutor Arief Wirawan said police had submitted 11.6 grams of cocaine, a blue fabric bag and two plastic spoons as evidence to the court.

Reports indicate that the accused possessed 39 million rupiah (US$3,636) worth of cocaine. The two were arrested after a woman named Bena confessed to police after being caught with cocaine at a raid in a boarding house. Bena claimed she bought the cocaine from Purwanto. Her confession led to the couple’s arrest.

According to police, the two confessed to using cocaine for the past five years. They are being held at the Denpasar police station jail and will be moved to Kerobokan jail before the trial begins.