A police officer helps calm an elderly woman who became upset when she could not remember where she was to meet her family. Photo: Facebook, HK Police Force

A photo of a Hong Kong police officer sitting next to a distressed elderly woman has won public applause.

According to the Hong Kong Police Force’s Facebook page on Monday, the police officer spent around 45 minutes pacifying the elderly woman after she lost her way and was unable to get in touch with her family, Headline Daily reported.

After getting into a taxi, the woman could not remember where she was meant to meet her family, and became very anxious.

Police received a call and located the woman, who was upset and emotional, on Aberdeen promenade. One officer sat next to her and tried to help her calm down.

After about 45 minutes’s discussion between the police officer and the woman, officers were able to take her to her family.

Many who viewed the Facebook page on the Internet praised the warm actions of the police officer and said they could tell that the officer had shown empathy.

Others suggested that, if people see an elderly person alone and looking helpless, they should approach them to see if they can be of any help.

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