A 'recruiter' claiming to represent major cruise ship companies has been offering jobs to applicants in exchange for a fee, but the supposed job disappears once the applicant makes the payment. Photo: iStock

The Philippine government has warned job seekers about a scam targeting applicants to work on cruise ships.

In a statement, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration said a recruiter claiming to represent major cruise ship companies would send emails to job seekers, promising them employment on a cruise ship in exchange for paying a fee upfront.

“When the victim pays, the scammer – and the supposed job – simply disappear,” the POEA said.

The government agency reminded Filipino jobseekers that there are no fees to pay when looking for employment on a cruise ship as legitimate agencies and cruise lines are not allowed to charge administrative fees.

From January to September last year, more than 1.2 million Filipino migrant workers were deployed. Most were land-based, while more than 200,000 of them were sea-based and were employed on international passenger vessels, cargo and shipping lines.