CCTV footage of the theft. Photo: Facebook/Jena Famoso
CCTV footage of the theft. Photo: Facebook/Jena Famoso

Surveillance camera footage showing a female pickpocket stealing a Filipina domestic worker’s wallet in Central on Hong Kong Island on Sunday had gone viral on social media.

Filipina domestic worker Mary Jane Santiago Olivar, 45, told police she passed through Li Yuen Street East in Central, also known as “Alley-Alley 2” by Filipinos, in the city at 7:44 pm to pick up some items at a grocery store before returning to employer’s home in Happy Valley, reported.

When she arrived at Des Voeux Road, she discovered her bag was open and her wallet gone. She immediately went back to the grocery store and asked to look at the CCTV footage.

The CCTV footage showed that while she was walking in the alley, a woman in a pink jacket behind her unzipped her bag and stole her wallet. Olivar lost more than HK$4,000 (US$510) and an Octopus Card. The wallet, with Olivar’s HKID and ATM card inside, was later found by another worker on a street in Central who knew Oliva’s sister and gave it back to her.

Olivar said the thief, believed to be a Filipina, took her money before she could send it to her family back home.

The pickpocket was still at large and had been classified by police as a “wanted person.” Olivar posted the CCTV footage on Facebook and asked anyone who knows the pickpocket to inform police so they could arrest her.

The footage drew outrage from people online and domestic workers.

Most of the comments condemned the pickpocket, saying she had shamed her fellow Filipinos. Others were furious at her for victimizing people who worked hard for their money.

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