A person undergoing 'Fire Therapy.' Photo: YouTube
A person undergoing 'Fire Therapy.' Photo: YouTube

It’s the hottest thing in skin care in Vietnam and many young women have a burning desire to give it a try. Called “Fire Therapy,” it allegedly alleviates headaches, insomnia, muscle aches and digestive issues.

According to a report by Jacaranda FM, men and women in Ho Chi Minh City are having therapists put a cloth on their face that is set alight for between 30 seconds and a minute. The burning towel is then put out by being covered with another towel.

Only one license for this therapy has been issued to the Ho Chi Minh City Traditional Medicine Institute, but many salons and spas take their ‘Fire Therapy’ business underground.

The therapy can cost up to VND200,000 (US$8.50). So far no lethal accidents have been reported.

A woman who tried the therapy claimed to have felt better after the treatment, despite the heat she felt.