Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. Photo: Google Maps
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. Photo: Google Maps

The Philippine government has warned Filipino job seekers against accepting jobs being offered by foreign language training centers.

In a statement, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) said that language centers have no authority to recruit Filipino workers and are prohibited from advertising overseas job vacancies.

“Some training centers have been posting advertisements in social media enticing enrollees with supposed jobs in Korea, Japan and Germany,” POEA said.

POEA urged job seekers to be wary of language centers who promise “sure employment” upon completion of a language course. The government agency pointed out that those who wish to apply for positions as factory workers in South Korea must pass a Korean language test, but that does not guarantee immediate employment.

Applicants who wish to work in Japan as nurses and care workers are required to undergo six months of Japanese language training, and those who wish to work in Germany are required to have training in German language to attain the B1 language proficiency level.