Domestic workers in Central on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Asia Times

A Filipina artist who spent three months in Hong Kong wanted to heal and empower domestic workers in the city through art. Alma Quinto from Urdaneta in Pangasinan province, a visual artist, educator and cultural worker, was invited to join the three-month Artist-in-Residence program organized by the Centre for Heritage Arts and Textile, news website reported.

When Alma first came to Hong Kong and found domestic workers were sitting at Statue Square in Central on their holidays, she felt ashamed. But she realized they had nowhere to go when they had a day off work.

So she used “what do you want to do on holiday” as the theme of her creation for domestic workers and was amazed by the creativity and imagination the participants had with their unique creations of dolls.

Last Sunday, Alma displayed the dolls made by participants at Statue Square, despite a downpour. She displayed the dolls to the public and asked the community why people turned a blind eye to the domestic workers in the city.

“It’s not important the appearance of the cloth doll, but during the process, the inner heart of the maker could be heard,” Alma said.