Taipa, Macau
Photo: Google Maps
Taipa, Macau Photo: Google Maps

A 49-year-old Filipina domestic worker was arrested by the judiciary police in Macau for allegedly slapping and wounding a fellow roommate with a knife on Thursday.

The suspect named Geronimo and the victim, also a Filipina domestic worker aged around 20 and five others rented a subdivided apartment on Rue de Nam Keng in Taipa, Today Macao reported.

The suspect and the victim reportedly did not get along, and had engaged in disputes before.

On Thursday, the suspect returned from work. When she overheard the victim speaking badly of her in the living room, she became angry and rushed out and slapped the other woman’s face.

The victim was frightened and returned to her own room, which was next to the suspect’s.

The suspect, still angry, went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She returned to her room, stood on her bed and threw the knife over the partition wall. The knife struck and wounded the woman’s head.

Room-mates in the apartment took the victim to safety and reported the case to the police.

The judiciary police arrested the suspect for allegedly aggravated harm to bodily integrity and using weapons. She was sent to the public prosecution officer for further questioning, Macao Daily News reported.

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