Andhra Pradesh, India. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.
Andhra Pradesh, India. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Police in east India have found the bodies of two teenage boys believed to have been electrocuted after stepping on lives wires laid to kill wild boars.

The trap was allegedly set by the father of one of the boys, who is a known poacher. The father has been arrested and accused of burying the boys’ bodies in a panic after he found them, then misleading police who began a search for the pair.

Investigations conducted by the police in Orissa state discovered that 14-year-old Sipun Nayak and Amulya Nayak, 17, died after they stepped on live wires drawn by Amulya’s father Bhimasen near Ranibandh village in Angul district, the Orissa Post reported.

Bhimasen later filed a missing person report with the police. He then suggested to the police that the two boys were killed due to an illicit relationship they had with a woman in the village.

But police arrested Bhimasen and his three friends – Locha Nayak, Susant Nayak and Chinu Nayak – immediately after one of them confessed during interrogation to burying the two boys.

Bhimasen was a poacher who caught boars for their meat. The live wires were laid as a trap for the wild pigs. The incident occurred after elephants were repeatedly electrocuted in the area.

One of the men said Bhimasen did not know that his son and his friend had gone to the same spot to try to catch fish.

It took 12 days for the bodies to be discovered by some fishermen who visited the same spot. The foul smell alerted the fishermen, who informed nearby villagers. The bodies were then dug out by the police.

Local villagers were enraged by the incident and called for Bhimasen to be strictly punished for allegedly secretly burying his son just to save himself from more serious trouble.