The State Courts in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The State Courts in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 42-year-old employment agency employee who inappropriately marketed Indonesian domestic workers on an online marketplace was fined S$20,000 by a Singapore District Court on Tuesday.

On November 13, the defendant Erleena Mohd Ali, who has worked for SRC Recruitment since June 2017, pleaded guilty to five charges of initiating insensitive advertising casting foreign domestic workers in an undignified light. She also pleaded guilty to another five charges of failing to ensure that SRC’s name and licence number were reflected in the advertisements, the Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore) reported.

Ali was responsible for handling applications of domestic workers wanting to come from Indonesia to work in Singapore. This involved filtering and uploading information of candidates on the company website for employers’ reference.

The court learned that the defendant registered with online marketplace Carousell using the company email address in August this year. She then posted advertisements containing personal details and photos of 49 Indonesian domestic helpers after having obtained approval by the SRC Recruitment key appointment holder Koh Seng Yeow.

When a worker was hired, her photograph would be marked “sold” while the defendant also used other terms such as “reserved” in the online posts, which were deemed to have degraded foreign domestic workers as if they were commodities that could be bought and sold on the market.

The demeaning posts were also illegal as neither the company’s full name nor its licence number were stated in the Carousell advertisements.

Meanwhile, SRC Recruitment, which had a website containing biodata of more than 18,000 domestic workers, is also being prosecuted. Representatives of the company will appear in court on November 22 to face 144 charges.

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