The hiker (in red circle) was trapped halfway up Kowloon Peak. Photo: Facebook, Diazmanhei
The hiker (in red circle) was trapped halfway up Kowloon Peak. Photo: Facebook, Diazmanhei

A 52-year-old hiker trapped on Kowloon Peak on Wednesday was rescued by Hong Kong firefighters, thanks largely to the assistance of another hiker and his drone camera.

The imperiled hiker reported to police that morning that he was trapped in the vicinity of Suicide Cliff on Kowloon Peak, Oriental Daily reported.

A group of firemen happened to be on the hill when they received the call. They were undergoing a search operation because a female hiker had been reported missing on the same hill on Monday.

Meanwhile, a veteran hiker surnamed Man and his friends went to Kowloon Peak, intending to help search for the missing woman using their drone cameras.

When this group learned that there was another hiker trapped on Suicide Cliff, they told the firemen that they wanted to give a helping hand by using a drone camera.

With the help of the drone camera, the trapped man was found about 450 meters up the hill. He used a whistle to signal his location. Finally, officers from the Civil Aid Service abseiled down the hill and rescued him. He was unhurt and able to walk down the hill himself.

He was the second hiker to call for help on Kowloon Peak in a week. A 25-year-old female hiker was still missing after making an emergency call on Monday.

Man, who works in the information-technology industry, said he had liked hiking since he was a child. He started drone filming four years ago and had set up a group to help people to find their lost drones on the hill, news website reported.

He said this was the first time he had used the technique to help rescue a person.

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