Domestic workers in Central on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Asia Times
Domestic workers in Central on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Asia Times

A Filipina has been awarded more than HK$19,000 (US$2,427) in compensation from a Hong Kong woman who pretended to be her employer, but tried to send her to China to work for another person.

Labor attache Jalilo dela Torre had a meeting with the worker and the Hong Kong ’employer’ on Monday after being told about the incident, reported.

According to the Filipina worker, who had only recently arrived in Hong Kong, she was hired by the Hong Kong woman four months ago. She was later told that her “real employer” was someone in China and that a visitor visa to China had already secured for her. She was to be sent to China.

The Filipina maid then broke her contract after learning she would be sent to China to work.

During the meeting on Monday, Dela Torre said he discovered the domestic worker’s contract did not bear the name of the Hong Kong woman and that the address given was different from where she was taken to work.

Also, the chop, or stamp, on her contract was that of a sub-agent, and not her Hong Kong employment agency. Dela Torre said he told the local woman that what she was trying to do was in breach of immigration rules.

He ordered the woman to pay the Filipina three months salary, or $13,320, plus a full refund of the Php40,000 (US$765) she had paid her agency in the Philippines for training and other charges.

The Hong Kong woman reportedly agreed to pay all the costs. The Filipina worker is using her 14-day visa extension to look for a new employer.

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