Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker in Dubai has been sentenced to life in prison for killing her newborn baby.

The Filipina, 32, who was living last year at her employer’s sister’s home, had gotten pregnant out of wedlock. In September last year, the Filipina told her employer that she had a stomach ache due to her period before locking herself in the bathroom for nearly two hours, Gulf News reported.

When the domestic worker finally walked out of the bathroom, she was carrying a plastic bag and her clothes had bloodstains. The employer’s sister saw that she began bleeding heavily and called for an ambulance.

At the hospital, it was revealed that the domestic worker had given birth.

The domestic worker allegedly admitted that she had given birth and suffocated the baby to death. Police discovered that the plastic bag contained a dead baby boy with a piece of cloth stuffed in his mouth.

On Wednesday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the domestic worker, who pleaded not guilty, was sentenced to life in prison for premeditated murder.

The woman will be deported once she has served her sentence.

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