China's BeiDou satellite navigational system. Photo: Xinhua
China's BeiDou satellite navigational system. Photo: Xinhua

The China Electronics Technology Group Corp (CETC) has unveiled a slew of radar- and satellite-based early warning defense systems, which the state-owned technology and defense conglomerate is eager to sell to foreign clients.

CETC says the new, mysterious early-warning systems feature improved datalinks with various streams of real-time intelligence into shareable and mutually compatible information for “situation-awareness” and coordination by various subsystems.

Technicians with the CETC told Xinhua that the systems are versatile and highly reconfigurable to suit changing demands for anti-missile operations, interception, space attack and defense, joint theater operations, ocean warfare and even global surveillance.

While stopping short of the key hardware elements and specifications, it said platforms and chains of command and control based on the new systems can monitor “virtually every corner of the world as well as the low-Earth orbit.”

There was no model of the new systems on display at the CETC booths at the biennial China Airshow, being held in the city of Zhuhai in southern Guangdong province. And employees told reporters from Hong Kong they were under strict instructions not to disclose detailed specifications to the media.

But it is understood that CETC has a host of solutions for land and sea-based and aerial intelligence gathering and reconnaissance missions, with sensors and cameras mounted on China-made lightweight fix-wing planes and drones tailor-made for export. Some of these aircraft are made by other state enterprises like the Aviation Industry Corp of China.

The new systems may also rely on the expanding constellation of Chinese navigation and reconnaissance satellites like BeiDou, a Chinese version of the GPS which has gradually ratcheted up its global coverage and can easily be converted for military use, analysts say.

Military officials from Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, plus several Southeast Asian nations are attending the week-long aviation show, according to local papers in Zhuhai.

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