Tuas View Dormitory. Photo: Google Maps
Tuas View Dormitory. Photo: Google Maps

A Bangladeshi man was jailed for three years by a court in Singapore for playing a part in a fight between two gangs which resulted in the death of one of the gang’s leaders.

Ripon Hasan Shahidullah Bhuiyan, 36, was found guilty of rioting and was sentenced to three years and six strokes of the cane on November 5, Yahoo News Singapore reported.

According to sources, Ripon was part of a gang that dealt in illegal cigarettes. On September 24, 2016, his gang became involved in an altercation with a rival gang at the Tuas View Dormitory over the illegal cigarette trade. The rival gang leader, 32-year-old Munshi Abdur Rahim, died due to severe injuries he sustained from a suspected stabbing.

Five of Ripon’s gang members including Ripon checked into a hotel in Geylang to evade police. Local authorities ended up raiding the hotel and arresting them.

Another accomplice, Miah Mohammad Rasal, 30, has also been jailed for three years with six strokes of the cane. The remaining suspects are yet to be sentenced.

In Singapore, the maximum penalty for rioting is seven years.