Dhaka, Bangladesh, where two Chinese men fancied a canine feast. Photo: iStock
Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. Photo: iStock

Two Chinese men were about to barbeque an actor’s pet dog in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Monday when authorities burst in and put an end to their planned meal.

Bangladeshi actor and art director Pran Roy was barking mad and told bdnews24.com that the two Chinese men lured one of his dogs into their home at about 2:30 pm on November 12.

The actor, whose works include Eito Prem (2015), Ghetu Putro Komola (2012) and Nodijon (2015), was told by locals that his dog had been strangled and was about to be barbecued.

Roy added that locals informed authorities, who promptly nabbed the Chinese citizens and took them to the Chinese embassy.

According to local police officer Mostazirul Rahman, the two men did not speak Bangla or English. But with the help of a translator, the two men told police they were unaware of the social norms in Bangladesh. Rahman also pointed out that the two had apologized to Roy and agreed to pay compensation.

China is the world’s largest consumer of dog meat, followed closely by Vietnam. While China has yet to formally sanction the consumption of dog meat, the government in Hanoi has urged locals to stop eating the animals and has pledged to eradicate dog meat eateries in the next decade.

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