Photo by iStock.
Photo by iStock.

A Vietnamese man whose body “attracts” metallic and other objects has been likened by some to a human magnet.

Nguyen Huu Tai, 60, first discovered his unusual ability 13 years ago when a spoon fell on him and attached itself to his body, VN Express reported. “I thought it was the sweat but the more I dried myself off the more it stuck to me,” said Nguyen, who lives in My Tho City.

At that time he shrugged it off due to other commitments. Then, last year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Tai tried to use his “power” again and it worked. He sent out photos to his friends of him with knives stuck onto his body.

Initially, he could only attract metallic objects. However, glass and massage stones have also been known to cling onto him. At his peak, his body was able to hang on to a 20-kilo table.

He explained that his skill needs specific breathing techniques in order for the phenomenon to work.

However, as astounding as it sounds, Tai’s abilities are scientifically possible and can be achieved with practice. Instead of magnetism, the phenomenon is due to the stickiness of one’s skin. Vietnamese scientist Tran Hoang Dieu said the phenomenon is well known globally and can be achieved by training.

Vu The Khanh, another scientist, pointed out that “drastic energy” lessons in Hanoi have started getting popular, where students can learn to attract bricks, rocks and heavy metallic objects. The practice is relatively healthy and is similar to doing yoga.