Senate Square, MacauPhoto: iStock
Senate Square, Macau Photo: iStock

Police arrested two men, both Vietnamese, for alleged wounding after a dispute over money in Macau.

The two suspects are a migrant worker surnamed Phan, around 20 years old and said to be a kitchen worker, and a 30-year-old illegal immigrant surnamed Nguyen. They were arrested by police after beating up a local man on Wednesday, Macao Daily News reported.

At 9am, a 20-year-old female domestic worker met Phan and two male friends at Senate Square. As she had borrowed HK$2,000 from Phan earlier but not yet repaid the loan in full, an argument broke out between her and Phan.

The woman called a local male friend to the scene to help her, but when he arrived the three men attacked him and knocked him to the ground. Phan also allegedly pulled a folding knife from his pocket, pointed it at the local man, and threatened him that if he tried to stop them leaving, Phan would use the knife.

The three suspects then ran away.

Phan and Nguyen ran to the apartment of a female friend, a 20-year-old Vietnamese woman surnamed Ngo who is said to be a massage therapist.

Police officers investigating the incident inspected surveillance camera footage from the area. They found that two of the alleged attackers ran to an apartment on Rua do Dr. Pedro José Lobo. The two suspects were arrested inside the apartment and were handed over to the public prosecution office.

The Vietnamese woman was also arrested for allegedly keeping an illegal immigrant in her home. Police are searching for the third suspect who escaped.