Al Muraqabat, Dubai. Photo: Google Maps
Al Muraqabat, Dubai. Photo: Google Maps

Two Filipinos were charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing a compatriot in his apartment building in Dubai.

In May, the alleged victim had a gathering in his apartment with three Filipino friends, one man and two women. They left the host’s apartment at around 4am, only to return after allegedly being assaulted by two men – also Filipinos – in the elevator, Gulf News reported.

The host accompanied his friends outside and when he tried to ask about the assault, the two men allegedly attacked them again. Prosecutors say one of them cornered the host while the other stabbed the victim twice in his shoulder and abdomen with a knife.

Police headed to the building in Al Muraqabat and arrested the two suspects, while their alleged victim was taken to a hospital.

On Sunday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, prosecutors accused the two suspects of attempting to murder their compatriot. They both pleaded not guilty to the charge.

A judgment will be handed down on November 13.