Pio Duran town in Albay, Philippines. Photo: Google Maps
Pio Duran town in Albay, Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino high school student was arrested for stabbing a public school teacher to death in Albay, Philippines.

On Tuesday night, the 17-year-old student, whose identity was not disclosed, stabbed public school teacher Mylene Veras-Durante, 23, at her workplace in Pio Duran town in Albay, Rappler reported.

Durante was inside the principal’s office at Oringon Elementary School with two grade six students when the suspect, who came from another school, entered the room wielding a knife.

Police Senior Inspector Mayvell Barcia-Gonzales, said that after Durante shielded the two students from the suspect’s attack, the students managed to flee and lock themselves in another room. The suspect ran after the students but returned to Durante and stabbed her to death.

The two students also sustained stab wounds and were taken to the Pio Duran Memorial District Hospital for treatment.

On Wednesday morning, police arrested the suspect for questioning about the killing of Durante. The police said Durante has been using the principal’s office as her sleeping quarters for the last two years.