A stairwell in a Singapore housing block has become popular with couples making out. Photo: iStock.

Couples having sex on the staircase of a Housing and Development Board block of flats in Singapore has become a regular sight for residents, who have complained to a local newspaper.

Residents of Woodlands in Singapore were upset after frequently seeing couples – mostly migrant workers and domestic workers as well as high school students – engaging in lewd or sexual acts openly on the staircase of a Housing and Development Board block of flats in the area.

A reporter from the Shin Min Daily News visited the neighborhood and interviewed citizens living at HDB Block 165 on Woodlands Street 13, where each one said they had come across obscene scenes two or three times every month.

A 54-year-old man who lived near the staircase in the block with his wife and children said there had been regular incidents there for the past 21 years.

He said the worst incident was when his wife was bringing their children home and they found a drug addict injecting heroin on the stairs. They were scared and called the police.

The man’s wife also told reporters that she had seen migrant workers and domestic workers, as well as high school students, committing sexual acts on the second floor of the staircase. Used condoms were often left lying around.

Once she said she interrupted a couple, who fled in such a rush they left their underwear behind. A housewife interviewed also saw a man who had removed his pants to engage in sexual intercourse with a foreign woman.

Since the installation of an elevator in 2013, the staircase became unused, making it a quiet and dark corner for people making out. The management promised to install a lighting system which would be kept on for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

However, the lights were recently turned off, which led to more obscene acts taking place. Residents said they hoped the management would take stronger action to stop the action on the staircase.