Kowloon Peak, Kowloon
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Kowloon Peak, Kowloon Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 25-year-old female hiker lost on Kowloon Peak is missing after making an emergency call on Monday evening.

At 6pm, police received a call from a woman who said she had lost her way while hiking alone from Jat’s Incline to Kowloon Peak, also known as Fei Ngo Shan, Apple Daily reported.

She made the call by dialing a free emergency number, but told the police that the battery on her mobile phone would soon run out of charge.

At that point the conversation stopped, after which the police were unable to re-establish contact with her.

Firefighters were deployed on Monday night and they searched the area aided by the Government Flying Service team. The rescue mission was suspended at 10pm and resumed on Tuesday, without success.

The mission continues today, with 30 firefighters and police officers starting a search at 9am.

Investigators say it is unlikely that the call to the emergency services number was a prank as the mobile phone company confirmed the call was made from Kowloon Peak.

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