Deadly Penang landslide image captured on Youtube.
Deadly Penang landslide image captured on Youtube.

Rescuers have found more casualties at the site of a landslide in Penang, Malaysia after a four-day rescue operation.

By 10pm on Monday rescuers had retrieved a total of nine bodies. Four other persons were injured and one person remains missing after the landslide struck Jalan Bukit Kukus on October 19, Malaysia Kini reported.

Penang Fire and Rescue director Saadon Moktar said the search will continue until the last casualty is found. He added that good weather and sufficient lighting has benefited the operation.

Moktar speculated that the location of missing Mohammad Rahaz, a 25-year-old Bangladeshi, would be near the third sector, where the previous body, that of Mohamad Uzzal, 33, was found under a container.

Indonesian Samsul Hamid, 19 was one of the deceased. His father Asman helped pull his body out of the wreckage on the day of the disaster.

In a previous media report, it was reported that a large number of construction projects in Penang were found to have neglected soil erosion mitigation protocols set by the state government. A consultant civil engineer openly criticized this practice, claiming it was at least partly responsible for the disaster.