A police deputy used nacho chips to guide the pig. Photo: Courtesy San Bernardino Sheriff's Department

A large, tame pig which escaped from its owners in California was lured home by police with offerings of nacho chips. On October 14, residents of Highland in San Bernardino County called police when they saw a large pig they described as “the size of a mini horse” wandering around their neighborhood, ABC11 reported.

When police arrived, they made inquiries and located the pig’s home. A police deputy used a pack of nacho chips to leave a trail on the road. The pig then followed the trail back to its home.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff staff shared a video of the encounter on their Instagram page.

People who saw the video online said luring the animal with food may not have been a wise move as the beast could get over-excited and become aggressive, putting people nearby at risk. Others said the pig was domesticated and posed no threat.