Doha, the capital of Qatar. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Qatar will enforce its revised exit visa system for foreign workers by the end of October. In September, Qatar approved legislation to scrap the visa system for foreign workers, which required all foreign workers to get permission from their employers and obtain an exit visa before they could leave the country, GMA News reported.

Qatar’s head of state Tanim bin Hamad Al Thani issued Law No 13 of 2018, which amended provisions of Law No 21 of 2015 and Law No 1 of 2017 that regulated the entry and exit of foreign workers.

Issa Saad Al Jafali Al Nuami, the labor minister, said the new law was a step toward and provided a good environment for migrant workers in Qatar and would ensure their protection.

No date had been given for when the new law would be enforced. Sharan Burrow, the head of the International Trade Union Confederation, said the exit visa law would be implemented by the end of October.

“Everybody’s aware that this is a big shift and that it will actually take a period of time but formally it will be implemented by the end of the month,” Burrow said.

There are more then two million foreign workers in Qatar, and as of 2017, there were about 260,000 Filipinos working in the country. Many Filipinos there work as engineers, domestic workers, health workers and travel industry employees.

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