Shenzhen in China where the maid disappeared. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Police in China were looking for a Filipino domestic worker who left her tour group in Shenzhen, China, in earlier October. Angeline C. Curato, a domestic worker in Macau, joined a group of overseas Filipino workers from Hong Kong on a one-day tour of Shenzhen on October 14, a Sunday and Curato’s day off, reported.

According to Steven Xu, a travel agency business director, Curato joined the tour group using the agency’s group tourist visa, but ran away from the group around lunchtime without informing other group members or the tour guide.

They later discovered Curato took a taxi and left the restaurant.

Xu said they immediately reported the incident to the Philippine Consulate General in Guangzhou because once Curato was caught, she could face at least three months in jail.

He said that because of what Curato did, her fellow Filipinos in the tour group had to “wait for five hours for investigation by China immigration” before they were allowed to return to HK.

Xu added that her employer in Macau was also looking for her as they had not been informed she went to mainland China.

Meanwhile, Xu said the company were offering HK$10,000 to HK$20,000 (US$1,275 to US$2,550) for anyone who could provide information about Curato.

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