Kuwait. Photo: iStock
Kuwait. Photo: iStock

Two Filipinos in Kuwait lost money from their bank accounts after falling for calls from swindlers claiming that they had won a cash prize.

One of the victims said that he received a call telling him that he had won 20,000 Kuwaiti dinars (US$65,845). He was then asked to provide his ID, bank card and PIN numbers, supposedly so that his “winnings” could be deposited in his account, Arab Times reported.

After giving his information, the Filipino not only did not receive any prize, he later discovered that 2,527 Kuwaiti dinars was withdrawn from his account.

In another case, a 50-year-old Filipino living in Fahaheel was tricked in the same way after he received a call informing him that he had won 10,000 Kuwaiti dinars. Soon afterwards, 9,000 Kuwaiti dinars was debited from his account.

Both Filipinos have filed complaints with the police, who have asked the banks for details about the withdrawals. The police have yet to determine whether the two cases have been perpetrated by the same person.

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