KMB Bus 271 to Tai Po
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
KMB Bus 271 to Tai Po Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A bus passenger who found a bag containing HK$190,000 (US$24,243) handed it over to the bus company on Monday.

The female passenger passed the bag to a KMB company supervisor when the bus arrived at Fu Heng Bus Terminal in Tai Po, the New Territories, Oriental Daily reported.

The woman said she had found the bag on the upper deck of the route 271 bus.

The bus terminal supervisor Ho Man-lok, accompanied by other colleagues, opened the bag and found a bottle of water, a pair of sunglasses and HK$190,000 cash in $1,000 notes.

An hour later, a man aged around 50 rushed to the bus terminal, claiming that he had lost a bag on the bus. When asked by company staff, he was able to accurately verify the contents of the bag.

When he expressed a wish to thank and reward the honest passenger who had handed in his bag, he was told by Ho that the passenger did not leave any contact information.

Ho, who has been working for the bus company for three years, said he had handled various lost items in the past, but that this was the first he had experienced anyone handing in such a large sum of cash.

In 2015, a female passenger found a bag with HK$450,000 cash intact on a route 277E bus. It was later returned to its owner.

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