Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas addresses the Palestinian Central Council in the West Bank city of Ramallah on October 28. Photo: AFP

As PLO officials gathered on Sunday to consider their next moves, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas again vowed to oppose any peace proposal from Donald Trump, AFP reported.

Speaking at the opening of a rare meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s central council, Abbas said his people were facing what could be the “most dangerous stage” in their history, pointing to a series of controversial moves by the US president, perhaps most notably the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Abbas has boycotted the Trump administration since that decision in December, but the US president’s team is still expected to propose a peace plan.

The Palestinian leader compared the expected Trump proposal to the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which saw the British government commit to the creation of an independent state for Jews in historic Palestine.

“If the Balfour Declaration passed, this deal will not pass,” he pledged.

Angered by Abbas’ refusal to meet with him or members of his administration, Trump has also cut hundreds of millions of dollars in aid for Palestinians.

Trump has called on Abbas to negotiate, but Palestinian leaders say they are being blackmailed to accept his terms, which they see as overtly biased in Israel’s favor.

“They are still talking about the deal of the era, and that they will present it after a month or two,” said Abbas, adding that Trump’s actions were tantamount to the unilateral imposition of a deal.

The Palestinian leader also reiterated his support for salaries for the families of Palestinians killed or imprisoned by the Israelis. However, the Americans and the Israelis claim payments to families of those who have carried out anti-Israel attacks encourage “terrorism.”

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