Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. Photo: The Observatory
Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. Photo: The Observatory

The Observatory issued a No. 1 standby signal on Wednesday morning at 8:40 am as tropical cyclone came within 800 kilometers of Hong Kong.

Yutu had weakened from a super typhoon, moved northwest and weakened slightly. The weather forecaster said there was a chance of issuing a Stong Wind Signal No. 3 during the day on Wednesday.

Yutu should stay more than 500 kilometers from Hong Kong most of the time on Wednesday. It is forecast to slow down and turn north on Wednesday and Thursday, crossing the northeastern part of the South China Sea.

With the combined effect of the northeast monsoon and Yutu, winds over the coast of Guangdong are expected to strengthen on Thursday and Friday, accompanied by a few showers.

With the weakening and dissipating of Yutu, winds will moderate over the coast of Guangdong early next week. Fine and dry weather is expected on Wednesday with a maximum temperature of about 28 degree Celsius.

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