Snake catcher Jason Arnold secures the cobra. Photo: YouTube
Snake catcher Jason Arnold secures the cobra. Photo: YouTube

A 1.4 meter Mozambique spitting cobra was found near a house in Durban, South Africa, last Tuesday. School children in the Verulam area saw the snake slithering into a property on October 19, News 24 reported.

However, an initial search by a security company staff member proved futile as the snake was not found that day.

On October 23, the snake was spotted again and a snake catcher was called in. Jason Arnold, the snake catcher, arrived at the scene said the snake was the same one spotted earlier as cobras are very territorial.

Security company Reaction Unit SA had one of its staff dig up part of a steep embankment to catch the snake which was hiding in a hole there.

Arnold said that at 1.4 meters the cobra was full grown. Despite the snake’s bite being extremely venomous, the risk of dying from its bite is relatively low as the venom is slow-working, which gives a victim enough time to get medical help.

The snakes captured by Arnold’s company, Universal Reptiles, are either released into nature reserves or in other places. Their aim is to keep the animals as far from human activity as possible.

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