The Merlion in Singapore where the incident took place. Photo: Google Maps
The Merlion in Singapore where the incident took place. Photo: Google Maps

A money changer who went online and appealed for a Filipina who had been given too much money by mistake to come forward has been criticized for posting the woman’s photo.

The money changer went on social media and urged the Filipina customer to come forward after she was allegedly given too much money in a transaction.

However, people who saw the post slammed the money changer for blaming an innocent person for his mistake.

The original post with a picture of the Filipina customer was published on Facebook by Md Sharfu, It was later deleted but reappeared under a different name – Salbul Salbana – on October 21, the Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

According to the message, the sales assistant in the money changer’s shop mistakenly gave change for £1,000 when the customer only gave him £100 to change into Singapore dollars.

Sharfu posted a picture of the woman with half her face blurred, saying there was footage of the transaction and he wished she could come forward and return the extra money or they would call the police.

However, the location was not disclosed. Many who read the post slammed the author for blaming an innocent person. Some asked how the money changer could be so careless and suggested he should shoulder the responsibility for causing a loss to the company due to negligence.

Some said the woman may have been a domestic worker who only did the money exchange on behalf of her employer that it may be impossible for her to know that extra money was given.