Al Rashidiya in Dubai, UAE. Photo: Google Maps
Al Rashidiya in Dubai, UAE. Photo: Google Maps

An Emirati man has been jailed for one year and fined for attempting to rape a Filipino woman in his residence in Al Rashidiya in Dubai.

In January, the 46-year-old Emirati man met with a Filipino accountant, 26, who was applying for a job in the man’s tourism company. The man picked her up and drove her around Burj Khalifa where he told her his company was based, Gulf News reported.

The man then took the woman to his villa in Al Rashidiya and told her that they were waiting for other employees to take them all to their company-provided residence. When they entered the villa, the man started touching the Filipina and made sexual advancements.

The man forced her to remove her clothes and tried to rape her, but failed. He then started beating her and forced her to perform sexual acts. The Filipina tried outsmarting the man and tried to call the police, but was beaten even more and was hit with a stick.

When the Filipina yelled at him, he allowed her to leave the room. The Filipina walked out and called police and had the man arrested.

At the Dubai Court of First Instance, the man was convicted of assaulting the woman and attempting to rape her. The Emirati man was given a one-year jail term and was ordered to pay 21,000 dirhams (US$5,718) in temporary civil compensation to the woman.