A wild boar. Photo: iStock

An agitated wild boar attacked and killed a man after his dog chased it into a forest in Koh Kong, Cambodia. At 7am on October 24, 47-year-old Srun Chea was walking through a forest in Tatey Leu commune with his daughter and dog when the dog saw the boar and gave chase, Khmer Times reported.

A wildlife preservation worker said the dog’s attack on the boar angered it and it turned on the man. He added that the man’s daughter escaped and called locals for help.

On Sothearith, the district governor, said Chea succumbed to his wounds at the scene. Autopsy reports suggest the boar attacked his lower legs first, rendering him immobile before proceeding to overpower him.

Sothearith said district authorities offered their condolences and offered a donation to the victim’s family. Boars are wild animals and will attack with their tusks when they feel threatened or agitated.