The leopard being rescued by the Wildlife SOS organization. Photo: YouTube

A video showing a female leopard trapped in a 30-foot deep well and being rescued by volunteers in India last weekend has gone viral.

The 7-year-old leopard was spotted at the bottom of a well in Yadavwadi village in Otur, Maharashtra, The Indian Express reported.

The animal rescue group Wildlife SOS was alerted and rushed to the scene. Volunteers lowered a ladder for the leopard to hold onto to keep her above water level. Afterwards, a crate was lowered and the big cat hopped in.

The leopard was then pulled up safely and taken to a Leopard Rescue Center, according to the group.

Statistics from the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) indicate that up until August this year 57 leopards were found dead in the state of Maharashtra. In 2017, 40 dead leopards were found in the state. The deaths were caused by accidents, natural causes and poachers.