The snake catcher secured the 15-foot cobra. Photo: YouTube

A 15-foot cobra was captured and later released in the wild in Bhatkal Taluka, a port town in the Uttara Kannada district of the South Indian state of Karnataka, on October 13.

Residents found the snake lying on the road near a bus stop in Marukeri Village of Bhatkal Taluk, reported. Despite the cobra’s inactivity, pedestrians panicked and called forest officers.

Due to the large size of the reptile, officers sought snake catcher Naufil Kharuri, who caught the cobra and later released it into the wild side. A forest officer said the cobra was one of the largest snakes ever caught in Bhatkal Taluk.

The cobra is one of the “big four” animals that cause the most snakebites in the Indian subcontinent, with the common Krait, Russell’s Viper and the saw-scaled Viper being the other three. A multivalent antidote that counters the venom from all “big four” snakes is widely available and administered in India.

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