Highway 1A near the Hung Thuy commune. Photo: Google Maps
Highway 1A near the Hung Thuy commune. Photo: Google Maps

A 23-year-old man from Laos was arrested by police on Tuesday and was one of two suspected of trafficking methamphetamine worth about US$3 million in Central Vietnam.

On Monday, Vietnamese police pulled over a speeding truck on National Highway 1A near the Hưng Thủy Commune, AFP reported. They found 12 green bags which contained small packets of a white substance weighing a total of 309 kilograms. The substance was later identified as methamphetamine.

Before police could arrest anyone, two men left their truck and ran from the scene. One of the men was arrested on Tuesday after being found hiding in an area near Tân Thủy Commune.

He said he was promised he would be paid US$10,000 for transporting the drug from Hà Tĩnh province to Đà Nẵng City.

Police are investigating and looking for the second suspect, a Vietnamese man.

Vietnam is a popular hub and big market for drugs smuggled from the “Golden Triangle” of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. The younger generation is slowly leaning towards synthetic drugs such as meth and ecstasy. According to official statistics, there are 220,000 registered drug users in Vietnam.