Semporna in Sabah, Malaysia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Semporna in Sabah, Malaysia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Kidnappers who took two Indonesian fishermen hostage in Malaysian waters last month have demanded a ransom of 4 million ringgit, or US$962,709.

At about 1am on September 11, a group of armed men kidnapped 40-year-old Samsul Sagunim and Usman Yunus, 35, from their boat near the coast of Semporna, Malaysia.

The following week one of the victims’ wives was contacted by the kidnappers, said Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah, The Star reported.

On September 28, the kidnappers called the victims’ employer and told the employer to immediately pay the ransom. Mammah spoke at a press conference on October 15, saying authorities had identified the suspects but he would not disclose any information.

He also urged companies doing business at sea to ensure safety in their daily operations. His advice was to install CCTV cameras and Automatic Identification Systems on vessels for better security.

The commissioner also urged locals to help police by being their eyes and ears to help combat crime effectively.

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