Raja the Jaguar fought with a cobra in his enclosure. Photo: YouTube

A cobra managed to get into a zoo enclosure in India and had a fight with a jaguar, which ended in a draw with both animals dead on Sunday.

At about 1:30 pm on October 28 Raja, a 13-year-old Jaguar, was in his open enclosure in the zoo when a cobra entered the jaguar’s habitat, Star Of Mysore reported. The moment Raja spotted the snake, he pounced on the reptile and gave it a bite, and the snake responded by biting him back.

The scuffle between the two animals went on for about 15 minutes. Enclosure staff raced to the scene and separated them only to find the cobra dead and the jaguar suffering from snake bites. The staff rushed the jaguar to the hospital knowing the cobra venom would soon take effect.

However, Raja did not respond to the antidote and at 3:15 pm took his last breath.

According to the zoo’s executive director, Ajit M Kulkarni, snakes from outside have snuck on the zoo premises in the past. Raja was born in 2005 and was brought to the zoo in 2006.